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Apollo is a live-cohort program where kids ages 10-13 meet weekly to learn about topics & fields shaping the world while building real-world projects.
Limited spots available for our 2024 cohorts.

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If your kid isn't exploring,
they're walking into tomorrow blindfolded.

By high school, kids are expected to choose classes and electives that serve as prerequisites for college. At 15, college counselors will ask them to pick a passion, narrow their extracurriculars, and go deep in one area to prepare for personal essays. At 17, kids choose a college major and field.

These decisions are extremely stressful for students without proper guidance and leaves them feeling confused, overwhelmed and uninspired. Many haven't been exposed to anything exciting or don't know how to turn their hobbies into a career.

Too many kids are walking into their future blindfolded, not knowing where their learning path is even taking them. They end up as adults stuck in careers they aren't passionate about.

Apollo was born out of a simple but powerful truth: the world is changing faster than traditional education can keep up with. At Apollo, we spark kids curiosity by showing them their limitless potential and set them up to shape their own futures.

Elevate their potential
by broadening their horizons

🚀 Explore careers in fields that will shape tomorrow

Every two months, kids embark on a new "mission" to explore career possibilities in a new up and coming field. We open their minds to a broad spectrum of topics, strategies, and thinking that's not covered in school.

🛠️ Build real solutions solving real problems

Through interactive challenges, your child will actively solve problems and build projects that they would need to do in the real world - like building a small business to learn about entrepreneurship!

🤝 Exposure to the people they want to become

We bring in guest speakers and resources for students to learn from the people who are at the forefront of their fields to share their impact. Kids get inspired, connected, and start building a global mindset for success.

Embark on an exploration journey through Apollo Missions

Every 2 months your kid will embark on a new adventure to explore a future-shaping topic and go deep into it through interactive workshops and projects.

Mission 1: Business & Entrepreneurship

In this mission, students will learn what a business is, roles in the business world, and launch a small business of their own! In the first 4 weeks, kids take on marketing, business operations, and finance challenges to experience the day to day of marketers, project managers, consultants, and investment bankers. Next, kids spend a month launching and monetizing their first small business while learning ideation, sales, and pitching along the way. This mission will conclude with a Shark Tank pitch to judges who are business professionals.

Mission 2: Engineering & Technology

Help your kid get a head-start into tomorrow by diving deep into the world of software engineering, hardware engineering, and AI. Learn the ins and outs talking to computers, master logical reasoning, and use these skills to hack on projects. You don't need to know how to code to leverage tech - students will get to experience what engineering is like on the job by building technical solutions to problems with both code and no-code. This mission will conclude with an AI hackathon presented to industry expert mentors.

Mission 3: Science & Healthcare

Explore a multitude of careers in the science and healthcare fields from those that kids are familiar with, like doctors, to researchers at the forefront of innovation in Longevity and Biotechnology. In these sessions, kids will learn about Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment based careers and participate in simulations to stop the spread of diseases. Students will learn about holistic health and how to analyze lab data. By the end of the mission, students will publish a research article on Substack on an important Health issue.

Mission 4: Arts & Entertainment

This mission is all about expressing yourself, understanding your unique place in the world, and what careers are possible for creators. Kids will be given tools to make something distinctly theirs, build a creative portfolio, and learn about what it takes to build a personal brand and business. Careers we will explore in this mission are roles in media, fashion, entertainment, and arts and culture.

Mission 5: World Affairs & Politics

Embark on an earth-saving mission that equips you with the knowledge and tools to make a real impact. Kids will learn about some of the most pressing challenges they will have to face in their lifetime regardless of their career path. Experience the growing fields of working in climate change, agriculture, space exploration, and other emerging fields. This mission will conclude with a Model UN delegation and debate with external guests.

Apollo's Impact

Businesses Launched
Student Satisfaction

Expanding your child’s world view 

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3. See the transformation
Prepare for an exciting adventure! Your child will join a global community of talented kids on their first mission, guided by our fantastic mentors.

Apollo Missions start dates below

Mission Duration: 4 months   Frequency: 1x week sessions  Length: 90 minutes

Jan 8
7:00pm - 8:30pm EST
Jan 9
7:30pm - 9:00pm EST
Jan 10
6:00pm - 7:30pm EST
Jan 11
11:00am - 12:30pm EST

7:00pm - 8:30pm EST
Jan 13
11:00am - 12:30pm EST
Jan 14
12:00pm - 1:30pm EST

Trusted by parents and kids worldwide

The Apollo program has helped my son not only to learn more about future technologies like AI, lab grown food and more, but the program gives students a vision, understanding life's important values, and lead a life with good intentions.

Shehzad P.

Olivia's experience at Apollo has been amazing! As her mother, I have seen her grow and develop into a confident and ambitious young leader. Apollo has been instrumental in helping Olivia develop her confidence and mindset. Olivia recently conquered her fear of public speaking with the help of the teachers, which was a significant achievement for her.

Hilla S.

“Where this program really shines is through the focus around personal growth and mental and emotional maturity. Nadim and his team have created a multi-dimensional program that helps the students grow in so many ways. I saw immense gains in my son.”

Rohit G.

“This program allowed me to be more confident, resilient and allowed me to find my true passions.

Kotaro T.

“By far the best pre-teen/teen program that exposes them to global issues, the unlimited potential of people + technology and the importance of mindfulness and character.”

Mark C.

“Through the Explore program, I built friendships and was introduced to many emerging technologies. Our director, Nadim was outstanding as he made each session fun and purposeful, every, single, time.”

Alisha S.

How Apollo is different than other programs: 

📈 Hands-on learning. Real-world results.
Students build real businesses with real customers and solve real problems.
✏️ Interactive learning. 
Our live sessions are dynamic and inspiring, facilitated by industry professionals. 
🤝 Connect with like-minded peers. 
Learn alongside students from all over the world.

Enrollment Details

Future-ready curriculum beyond traditional education and career guidance
Hands-on, project-based learning to really experience different careers
Global community of peers and mentors
Develop foundational skills and mindsets to tackle any challenge in the future
Active Slack community for personalized coaching and questions
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Curiosity is the spark  
for building a life of purpose

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Questions Parents Ask Before Signing Up for Apollo

If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us at

What happens in a session?

In each 90-minute session, students will explore a career by experiencing it through an activity, challenge, or interactive simulation. For example, in the Business & Entrepreneurship Mission, students will build a social media campaign using Canva to understand what marketers do and participate in a stock market simulation to understand what finance professionals do. In each mission, students will also have a final project that accumulates the skills they learned "on the job." In the second month of each Mission, students may have 30-minute working sessions with coaching to work on these projects.

What will my child learn from Apollo?

Apollo helps kids in grades 6-8 figure out what they're interested in and not interested in regarding career direction. Most career guidance sucks because it's taught by people who have never done a career outside of teaching or counseling. Our challenges are built in collaboration with professionals actually working at the forefront of different exciting industries and we carefully picked out the fields that will matter most in the next 10-20 years. We help kids deeply understand what they will be doing and thinking about in each role to make an informed decision about what to dive deeper into, study in high school and beyond, and pursue in the future.

How much does the program cost?

The monthly tuition is $300USD per month or $900 USD per mission (4 months). Each new Apollo mission spans four months, covering future-critical topics.

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