Launch a  bUSINESS
That solves a real probLem.

Apollo is an exclusive live cohort-based program where kids 9-13 learn business, entrepreneurship, and essential life skills by building their own from ideation to real revenue.

Prequel is a live-cohort program where kids build real, ambituous businesses—from ideation to revenue.

Start a real business with real customers

Learn how to market and pitch an idea to an audience

Master the art of problem-solving and an entrepreneurial mindset





why apollo?

Lemonade stands, making bracelets, and bake sales
Don't  Teach Kids about business

While parents and society think it’s “good enough” for kids to get pity purchases on their cute businesses, we don’t. We believe kids are capable of more.

These businesses rob kids of the first and most important lesson of business and entrepreneurship: Give people what they want and will pay for it.

School and society’s expectations are not enough to give your kids the skills and confidence to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Here’s what kids will experience by building a competitive business:

Learn to build a differentiated business and deliver value
Leaders are experts at spotting problems and building solutions. We train kids on this muscle by challenging them to think deeply about what problem they are solving, for which customer profile, and how to differentiate. The real world doesn’t care about age.
Achieve ambitious goals through real-world feedback
Kids are protected by textbooks and coddled by sugar-coated feedback until they graduate college. Putting your ideas out there and creating something new is hard. That’s why we set the ambitious goal of making $500. We want kids to fail, hit roadblocks, and recognize their missteps to pivot and try again.
Get guidance from role models that raise the bar
Our instructors have 5+ years of teaching experience and firsthand entrepreneurial success, underpinned by a sincere commitment to each student's growth. They dedicate 1:1 coaching time to provide personalized feedback that drives tangible outcomes. Here, students learn from the role models they admire—mentors with real-world achievements, not just theoretical knowledge.
Join a community of like-minded peers
In the age of the internet, AI, and quickly evolving tech innovations, today's grads must stand out globally. Yet, kids are rarely exposed to ideas or people beyond their local communities. Your kid won’t just learn how to build a business, they will join a global community of driven and curious students.
apollo achievements


our portfolio

real businesses made by our students

Alicia, Apollo '23

Alicia developed affordable logic, geometry, and science-themed family games, offering free trial game nights at the Cupertino Library for potential buy or rent options.

Millie, Apollo '22

Millie launched a business creating glow-in-the-dark clothing and DIY Halloween costumes, merging customization, hands-on crafting experience and fun.Sold $160 in less than 1 month.

Julliet, Apollo '21

Juliette created seasonal ornaments and holiday decorations, making high-quality but affordable options because most ornaments are either cheap or too expensive. 

Matthew, Apollo '23

Matthew created diverse and seasonal coloring books for kids with AI, offering more options and better quality. Successfully achieved 34 sales in less than 1 month.

Lahna, Apollo '22

Lahna created a line of high-protein dog treats and sold them at her neighborhood dog parks, directly targeting health-conscious pet owners. Got $96 in sales in less than 1 month.

Sheldon, Apollo '21

Sheldon created a unique space where Korean kids improve their English through playful board game sessions.

Leonidas, Apollo '23

Leonidas launched a service for seniors to manage chores like dry clean pick up, food delivery, and grocery shopping in his neighborhood.He made $267 in less than a month.

Faris, Apollo '22

Faris found a niche by introducing a U.K. and USA-exclusive PRIME flavors to Canada, quickly turning a profit of $700 in under a month through unique market insight.

Ihsan, Apollo '21

Ihsan developed math games aligned with the grades 1-3 curriculum, making math learning enjoyable for kids. Secured $300 in sales in less than 1 month.


experience progress as early as possible

Taking Action

Our company focused on lifestyle templates and fidget toys, curated to modern day trends. Through this challenge we created a website and a brand and tried to sell through our family and friends. It was challenging but we still made 16 sales.

Xavier O., Student

Age: 10
Revenue Generation

The business challenge taught my partner and I how to create a product people would pay for and how to market it effectively. We made over $300 and were able to raise money from the pitch competition for more ads.

Eleonora S., Student

Age: 12
Learned to Fail

We launched a business selling affirmation jars because we felt a lot of people struggled with mental health and sometimes needed positive boosts. We struggled a lot and learned a lot about what it takes to be successful.

Mireya H., Student

Age: 11
Strong Network

I started “Sakina’s Sugar Shop” which focuses on supporting Syrian orphans with full living support and quality education by selling various snack products. Through selling I learned the importance of having a network and having a good story with my product."

Sakina D., Student

Age: 10
Revenue Generation

The business challenge taught my partner and I how to create a product people would pay for and how to market it effectively. We made over $300 and were able to raise money from the pitch competition for more ads.

Zachary O., Student

Age: 10
Gained Confidence

My perspective completely shifted when I joined the program; I didn't know there was over 100 like minded students willing to challenge themselves in the startup world. I have gained so much more confidence and strengths in presenting in front of an audience.

Eleonora S., Student

Age: 12
Endless Possibilities

Apollo will introduce you to endless future career possibilities, how to get there, and then equip you with the skills that will help you excel in these areas.”

Ally D., Student

Age: 12
New Opportunities

Apollo really opened up my mind to new opportunitiesI would never be exposed to during school or any other leadership programs. It gave me confidence in myself that I can achieve anything I set my mind to."

Zoya M., Student

Age: 10
New Perspectives

My perspective completely shifted when I joined the program; I didn't know there was over 100 like minded students willing to challenge themselves in the startup world.

Palmas P., Student

Age: 12

Our program focuses on key sKILLS that make a Difference


Present your vision and ideas so well that they are not only heard but move people into action.


Recognize your achievements and use them as fuel. Learn to use your voice and share your ideas without fear.

Clear communication

Speak and write in a way that's easy to understand but hard to ignore. Make your point without confusing anyone.

Financial Literacy

How to manage money wisely, whether it's keeping track of spending or making sure you're making a profit.

Creative Problem-Solving

How to diagnose and come up with new ideas when tough problems come up.


See challenges as chances to grow stronger. Bounce back from setbacks, not byavoiding them, but by facing them head-on.

the program

This is what challenging
your kid looks like

Elevate your child's entrepreneurial journey beyond traditional paths. Through real-world challenges, we prepare them for a future where they can not only dream big but also achieve big.

99% of kid-run sales are pity purchases

Kids often start with selling to family - aunts, grandparents, neighbors. It's a start, but it misses the mark. True business learning comes from selling outside the family comfort zone. It comes from mastering positioning, persuasion, and navigating the real world of business.

Build a business that pays the bills, not allowances

Lemonade stands teach supply and demand, sure. But it's time to push kids to think big and build businesses that stand the test of time. We emphasize critical thinking, market research, and financial planning, all aimed at creating businesses that can sustain not just a hobby, but a livelihood.


Not a theory course, rather a Practical
ProgrAm to develop Skills for life

Session 1: Launchpad

This is where we lay the groundwork, inspire with real success stories, and challenge students to think like entrepreneurs. 


Learn business fundamentals, distinguishing between products from services, and understand how to come up with business ideas that solve a unique problem.


Ideation list of problems students choose to focus on.

Session 2: Building What People Want 

This is where ideas grow teeth. Students brainstorm with purpose, refining their initial problem brainstorms into viable business ideas. Students learn about market research and the 4P’s of Marketing (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion). They'll understand what makes a business stand out. 


Identify, research, and validate standout business ideas that fill a market gap with clear differentiation.


Come up with top 3 business ideas with clear differentiations.

Session 3: Building the MVP

Dive into the essentials of creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Students will learn how to transform their validated business ideas into tangible, testable prototypes, focusing on core functionalities that meet customer needs. Students will build out a budget, inventory plan and marketing materials for their finalized idea.


Understand the MVP concept and have their top idea approved.


Finalized business idea and inventory plan.

Session 4: Making Your First Sale

Who's buying? This session focuses on understanding the target customer and building the sales pitch. Students create detailed customer profiles and craft pitches tailored to these personas with a clear story. Real sales start with knowing your audience.


Master the essentials of sales, test and refine your pitch through feedback, and record a polished sales pitch.


Record a sales pitch and have a plan to make first sale with marketing assets including a poster and company logo.

Session 5: Iteration, Iteration, Iteration

Students will learn about the importance of adapting to customers. Students will test their sales strategies, gather real feedback, and use it to refine their approach. This session is about learning from actual sales experiences.


Apply sales techniques to practical scenarios and receive feedback on your sales approach.


Action plan to achieve first milestone of $250 in sales.

Session 6: Tactical Review (Strategies and Reflections)

Reflect, learn, adapt. Students share their experiences, identifying what worked and what didn't. The focus is on using these insights to develop better strategies and overcome obstacles. Students will be introduced to the Demo Day.


Review progress, analyze sales, and craft a strategic action plan to achieve $500 in sales based on shared experiences and data insights.


A plan to increase sales to $500.

Session 7: Demo Day Preparation

Pitching isn't just talking; it's convincing. Students prepare to present their business ideas to investors, focusing on their story with any challenges faced. 


Learn the art of crafting a persuasive investor pitch with peer feedback on key components like problem statement and solution.


Create and record an investor pitch deck.

Session 8: Demo Day (Showtime)

The big reveal. Students present their polished pitches to Apollo investors. It's more than a presentation; it's the culmination of their hard work, skills, and entrepreneurial spirit.


Top students showcase their entrepreneurial and persuasion skills by delivering pitches to investors.


Deliver a standout pitch on Demo Day.

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What happens in a session?

In each 120-minute session, students will explore a topic by experiencing it through an activity, challenge, or interactive simulation. For example, students will learn how to transform their validated business ideas into tangible, testable prototypes, focusing on core functionalities that meet customer needs. They'll grasp the importance of iterative development, feedback loops, and how to prioritize features for their initial offering.

What will my child learn from Apollo?

At Apollo, kids 10-13 will ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and sharpen their leadership skills. They'll launch a business, build an app, and tackle real-world challenges, learning to think strategically, decide, and lead with confidence. It's an engaging, action-packed program, shaping young innovators for a dynamic world.

How much does the program cost?

During the summer, we offer two programs: a 2-week and a 4-week option, each priced at $990 USD. Opt for upfront payment and enjoy a reduced price of $900.

What is the financial aid policy for Apollo?

Our goal is to support ambitious students regardless of their financial situation. Students may apply for financial aid after completing their application. The Financial Aid process involves a form to capture demographic data and a field to share the circumstances to receive the financial aid. Our team typically responds within 3-5 business days for a financial aid amount on the monthly subscription. If any further questions you can reach out to

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