We teach your child how to build their dream, not someone else’s.

Apollo is a live cohort-based program where kids 10-13 meet weekly to learn about business and tech by launching a business and an app of their own.

At Apollo, your child will:

Start a real business with real customers

Design and launch an app with real users

Master the art of problem-solving and entrepreneurial mindset

*30-day money-back guarantee.

The business challenge taught my partner and me how to create a product people would pay for and how to market it effectively. We made over $300.

— Zachary O., Student

I built a space-themed flappy bird game from scratch using AI tools. It was awesome.

Ariyan P., Student

4.8/5 by 300+ alumni

Not a theory course, rather a practical  program to develop skills for life

SESSION 1: 🔎 Business Explorers

Ever thought about what makes a business successful? We'll explore the exciting world of business, learning about different kinds of companies, their functions, and the secret sauce of profitability across industries.

SESSION 2: 🎯 Marketing Mastery

Time to dive into the world of influence and persuasion, where creativity meets strategy. We'll unravel the ‘black box’ of marketing channels and craft our very own exciting campaigns. This isn't just learning - it's doing!

SESSION 3: 🏭 CEO Challenge

Ready to run your own factory? Experience the thrill of strategic decision-making and learn the ropes of operations and consulting in an immersive CEO simulation.

SESSION 4: 📱 Crafting User Experiences

How do gadgets get so easy and fun to use? We’ll explore what makes technology fun and user-friendly, and try our hand at designing tech that everyone would love.

SESSION 5: 💹 Stock Market Challenge

What's the stock market and how does it work? We’ll discover how money and economy shape our world and play a thrilling game to learn the ropes of the stock market.

SESSION 6: 💸 The First Customer Quest

Can you convince someone to buy your idea? Develop and refine your business pitch, receiving expert feedback to perfect your approach in captivating potential clients.

SESSION 7: 🎙️ Perfect Pitch

Ready to pitch your business idea to the world? Step into the spotlight and present your innovative startup concepts to external judges in a high-stakes, exhilarating environment.

SESSION 8: 🔭 Future Tech Explorers

Ever curious about what the future holds for technology? Explore its evolving role and learn about the fascinating engineering process that shapes tomorrow’s tech landscape.

SESSION 9:  🧩 Problem-Solving Heroes

How do engineers solve complex problems? Uncover the art of framing and scoping challenges using engineering frameworks, honing your analytical skills.

SESSION 10: 🤖 Thinking Like a Computer

Can you think like a computer? Learn the essentials of computational thinking, breaking down problems, recognizing patterns, and constructing algorithms for innovative solutions.

SESSION 11: 🕹 Designing Intuition

What’s the secret behind tech that people love? Revisit the basics of successful technology, applying user experience principles to design intuitive and engaging products.

SESSION 12: 🎮 AI Command Center

Ever dreamt of commanding AI to build an app? Learn how to give crystal-clear instructions to AI, using it to enhance your coding prowess for innovative app development.

SESSION 13: 💻 Hackathon Fun

How fast can you create an app? We’ll join a super fun hackathon, where we code, team up, and show off our app ideas in a friendly, exciting race against the clock.

SESSION 14: 🏆 App Showtime

Ready to show your app to the world? Present your app prototypes to external judges in a culmination of your learning journey, celebrating your progress and reflecting on your achievements.

Ready to transform your ideas into reality?

Let's dive into the thrilling world of business and entrepreneurship!

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The details

Each mission spans 4 months, starting January 8th.

BUILD Mission timings:
• Mon: 7pm - 830pm EST
• Wed: 6 - 730pm EST
• Sun: 12 - 130pm EST
100% ONLINE Build the skills you need to succeed from the comfort of your home.
Curious and driven middle school students, ages 10-13.

Apollo gives ambitious, motivated students the skills they need to:


Build essential life skills like critical thinking and creative problem-solving through real-world challenges


Nurture their curiosity and passion into real-world problem-solving skills.


Start a real business before they start high school.

What can you expect at Apollo?


Dive into business and tech

We'll journey through the cool world of entrepreneurship and tech, from launching a business to designing apps. It's all about making things and systems work!


Hands-on Challenges

Your kid will dive into fun projects, like launching a business with real customers and designing their own game. They'll see firsthand what entrepreneurs and techies do every day.


Launch their own business

It's not just about learning; it's about doing. With our guidance, they'll take their idea, develop it, and proudly showcase their creation. It's their chance to say, "I made this!"
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*No credit card required to apply.

How do entrepreneurial skills help kids?

Entrepreneurial skills challenge children to think outside the box, create unique solutions, and become leaders at an early age.

The entrepreneurial mindset teaches kids to take initiative, solve problems, think critically, make decisions, interact with people confidently and look for opportunities around them.

Our programs help kids:

Connect in-class concepts with real world applications

Learn how to solve problems and spot opportunities

Understand that making mistakes is an important part of learning

Become responsible with money as they learn the value of money

Develop confidence, leadership, teamwork and communication skills

Expanding your child’s world view

1. Submit the application
Fill out the application here alongside your child.
2. Secure their spot
Once accepted, you'll receive an email to enroll your child in the program.

If you have questions about the program, book a 15-min info call with one of our team members to learn more.
3. See the transformation
Prepare for an exciting adventure! Your child will join a global community of talented kids on their first mission, guided by our fantastic mentors.

Apollo BUILD Missions start
the week of Jan. 8th

Mission Duration: 4 months Frequency: 1x week sessions Length: 90 minutes

7:00pm - 8:30pm EST
6:00pm - 7:30pm EST

12:00pm - 1:30pm EST

Trusted by kids and parents worldwide

Everything you need to get an edge and prepare for the future while having FUN.



Manan's Goal Setting experience

Manan's Goal Setting experience

How mentors helped Zidaan pursue his dream

How mentors helped Zidaan pursue his dream

Zachary O., Student

“The business challenge taught my partner and I how to create a product people would pay for and how to market it effectively. We made over $300 and were able to raise money from the pitch competition for more ads."

Zachary O., Student

Eleonora S., Student

"We launched a business selling affirmation jars because we felt a lot of people struggled with mental health and sometimes need positive boosts. We struggled a lot and learned a lot about what it takes to be successful."

Eleonora S., Student

Mireya H., Student

"Our company focused on lifestyle templates & fidget toys, curated to modern day trends. Through this challenge we created a website and a brand and tried to sell through our family and friends. It was challenging but we still made 16 sales!"

Mireya H., Student

Sakina D., Student

"I started “Sakina’s Sugar Shop” which focuses on supporting Syrian orphans with full living support and quality education by selling various snack products. Through selling I learned the importance of having a network and having a good story with my product."

Sakina D., Student

Leah K., Student

"Through the Apollo Business Challenge, I started Glassy Gloss which is All Natural Handmade Lip Gloss. I did most of my sales through word of mouth and was able to grow my inventory as I made more profit. I plan to continue growing the business even after the program."

Leah K., Student

Arjin S., Student

"Our group came up with a business around custom made keychains (name or any design). At first it was challenging to figure out the product and shipping but we found solutions that worked that still allowed us to make profit."

Arjin S., Student

Enrollment Details

Future-ready curriculum beyond traditional education
Hands-on, project-based learning
Global community of peers and mentors
Develop foundational skills and mindsets to tackle any challenge in the future
Active Slack community for personalized coaching and questions
Apollo Program Tuition

or $900 for 4 months ($300 savings)

Try Apollo Risk-Free
30-day money-back guarantee

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Here are some of the successful businesses by our students:

Group 1 - Positive Picks

Eleanora and Sarina

Spread positivity and uplift your spirits with our inspiring affirmation jars.

Group 2 - Kindness Colors


Spread kindness and compassion one color at a time with Colors of Compassion.

Group 3 - GiftCity

Avi, Manan, and Max

Selling custom gifts and pranks.

Group 4 - Picture Perfect


Bringing colour and life to your walls with custom paintings in various sizing.

Group 5 - Cookie AI


Cookie AI: Satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your diet with our customized, restriction-based cookie recipes, delivered to your door.

Group 6 - BrainBoosters


Enriching Young Minds One Session at a Time.

Group 7 - PChain

Alhan, Angad, Arjin

Unlock Your Style With Stylish Keychains.

Group 8 - Sakina’s Sugar Shop


Satisfy your cravings and your soul!

Group 9 - Pocket Prints

Zachary and Xavier

Selling small 3D printed toys.

You’re Protected with Our Money-Back Guarantee
We understand that investing in Apollo can feel a little scary. This is why your investment is protected by our Money-Back Guarantee. If by the end of the first month of Apollo you’re not completely satisfied with the experience, get a 100% refund. To keep this completely fair, we do require students show up and do the work. To be eligible for the refund, students must:

Complete all required work by each weekly deadline

Attend more than 90% of sessions

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*30-day money back guarantee.

Questions Parents Ask Before Signing Up for Apollo

If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us at info@apolloschool.io

What happens in a session?

In each 90-minute session, students will explore a career by experiencing it through an activity, challenge, or interactive simulation. For example, in the Business & Entrepreneurship Mission, students will build a social media campaign using Canva to understand what marketers do and participate in a stock market simulation to understand what finance professionals do. In each mission, students will also have a final project that accumulates the skills they learned "on the job." In the second month of each Mission, students may have 30-minute working sessions with coaching to work on these projects.

What will my child learn from Apollo?

Apollo helps kids in grades 6-8 figure out what they're interested in and not interested in regarding career direction. Most career guidance sucks because it's taught by people who have never done a career outside of teaching or counseling. Our challenges are built in collaboration with professionals actually working at the forefront of different exciting industries and we carefully picked out the fields that will matter most in the next 10-20 years. We help kids deeply understand what they will be doing and thinking about in each role to make an informed decision about what to dive deeper into, study in high school and beyond, and pursue in the future.

How much does the program cost?

The monthly tuition is $300USD per month or $900 USD per mission (4 months). Each new Apollo mission spans four months, covering future-critical topics.