We help your child master leadership skills that outshine Harvard MBAs

Apollo is a live cohort-based program for 10-13 year-olds, where kids learn how to master decision-making, effective communication, and leadership. Our program transforms your kid into a team leader beyond Harvard's standards.

At Apollo, your child will:

Develop advanced teamwork and communication skills

Hone problem-solving abilities in real-world scenarios

Build leadership abilities to confidently tackle any challenge

*No credit card required to apply.

This program has taught me to become a better problem solver. It’s been really fun meeting other students that are so curious.

— Marcus P., Student

It was an incredible learning experience that helped me enhance my leadership abilities, fostering teamwork, and effective communication.

Marlyn N., Student

4.8/5 by 300+ alumni

Watch your child master communication and strategy one game at a time

Each week brings a new adventure in teamwork and leadership, teaching them to think, act, and lead with unparalleled skill. Kids can do incredible things, and we're here to prove it. Through 4-months of leadership-focused gaming, they'll learn to think, act, and lead like never before.

WEEK 1:  💬 Sharpen communication under pressure

Imagine you're the hero in a movie, defusing a bomb with your friends guiding you through a headset. Can you keep cool and communicate clearly when every second counts? Dive into the world of split-second decisions and high-stakes problem-solving, where every word counts and clarity is key to survival.

WEEK 2:  🤝 Build unbreakable team trust

How strong is your team’s trust chain? Explore the dynamics of reliance and mutual support as you navigate through intense team battles. Learn the art of trusting and being trustworthy in the heat of action.

WEEK 3:  🧭 Decisive leadership in action

Ready to build a railway under pressure? You're the boss, making quick calls on who does what. Learn to assign roles, set priorities, and lead your team through chaotic situations. Discover the thrill of making snap decisions that keep everyone on track.

WEEK 4: ⚔️ Lead through tough conflicts

Can you keep your team united under pressure? Face the ultimate leadership test: resolving conflicts and guiding your team through underwater escapades. It’s about staying calm and collected while navigating turbulent waters.

WEEK 5: ⚖️ Balance self goals with team success

What wins: personal glory or team triumph? Tackle the classic dilemma of self-interest versus team goals. Learn the power of collaboration over competition and how your choices impact the whole team.

WEEK 6: 📌 Embarking on your vision

This is your chance to explore and express what you truly desire in life. You will learn the art of goal setting by mapping out your dreams and goals for the future. Through creative activities and discussions, you'll learn how to set and visualize your aspirations, empowering you to take proactive steps toward a promising tomorrow.

WEEK 7: 💡 Strategic planning mastery

What’s your game-winning plan? In a world of endless possibilities, set out on a mission to plan, execute, and achieve your grandest Minecraft visions. It's all about strategizing your way to success.

WEEK 8:  🕜 Master time management

Can you beat the clock with your master plan? Juggle tasks, manage your minutes, and execute your plan within the ticking time. Learn the art of managing time to maximize your achievements

WEEK 9: 🚀 Drive your own success

What drives you to reach your goals? Discover the power of self-motivation. Set personal milestones in the world of Minecraft and pursue them with passion and persistence.

WEEK 10: ⚒️ Smart resource management

Can you sort out what’s urgent and important? Delve into complex scenarios where you decide what comes first. Learn to identify, prioritize, and tackle tasks in the order that propels you forward fastest.

WEEK 11: 🧩 Adaptive problem-solving

How will you use what you have to get what you want? Manage limited resources wisely. It’s about making the most of what you have and creatively using it to build your dream project.

WEEK 12: 🎯 SMART goals mastery

Use the wisdom and insights you've acquired to elevate your goal-setting. Craft a more refined, crystal-clear, and action-packed blueprint for your aspirations. You'll discover the art of setting SMART goals, devising effective strategies, and boosting your confidence to transform your dreams into reality.

WEEK 13: 💪 Summit strategy prep

Get ready for the ultimate adventure: the mission to conquer Mount Everest! In this exhilarating session, you'll harness everything you've learned about teamwork and leadership. You’ll learn how to apply all your teamwork and leadership skills, and create a winning plan to make sure you and your team reach the top.

WEEK 14: 🏆 Harvard MBA Everest challenge

Ready for the Harvard MBA Everest challenge? Only 45% succeed. This isn't just any simulated Mount Everest expedition; it's a rigorous test of your teamwork and leadership skills, pushing you to Harvard MBA standards. Can you lead your team to the top? It's about strategy, tough decisions, and facing challenges head-on, just like the top Harvard MBAs.

Ready to watch your kid tackle real-world leadership scenarios?

Let's dive into the thrilling world of leadership!

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The details

The Leadership mission spans 4 months, starting the week of January 8th.

Mission timings:
Tuesdays: 7:30pm - 9pm EST
Thursdays: 11am - 12:30pm EST ; 7pm - 8:30pm EST
Saturdays: 11am- 12:30pm EST
100% ONLINE Build the skills you need to succeed from the comfort of your home.
Curious and driven middle school students, ages 10-13.

Apollo gives ambitious, motivated students the skills they need to:


Build essential life skills like critical thinking and creative problem-solving through real-world challenges.


Nurture their curiosity and passion into real-world problem-solving skills.


Lead teams like Harvard MBAs before they start high school.

What can you expect at Apollo?


Level up real-life skills

Our games are your child’s playground for mastering communication, leadership, and strategic thinking. Each level is a new skill unlocked!


Hands-on Challenges

Engage in real-time, interactive 90-minute sessions. Dive into games that teach to MBA standards, led by expert coaches.


Find your tribe

Join an ambitious community of like-minded kids from around the world. Together, you'll tackle in-game challenges, building teamwork and leadership skills in real-time.
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*No credit card required to apply.

How do leadership skills help kids?

Leadership skills empower kids to take charge, communicate effectively, and make impactful decisions from a young age.

It's about transforming them into proactive decision-makers and confident communicators who inspire those around them.

Our programs help kids:

Bridge classroom learning with leadership roles in real-life situations

Learn how to solve problems and make better decisions

Teach them the art of clear and persuasive communication

Foster resilience and adaptability

Develop confidence, leadership, and communication skills

Expanding your child’s world view
is as easy as...

1. Submit the application
Fill out the application here alongside your child.
2. Book an interview
Schedule a 30-min call with one of our Program Directors. We'll spend the initial 15 minutes understanding your child's interests and aspirations, followed by a Q&A session for you.
3. See the transformation
Prepare for an exciting adventure! Your child will join a global community of talented kids on their first mission, guided by our fantastic mentors.

Apollo LEADERSHIP Missions start
the week of Jan. 8th

Mission Duration: 4 months Frequency: 1x week sessions Length: 90 minutes

7:30pm - 9:00pm EST
11:00am - 12:30pm EST
7:00pm - 8:30pm EST

11:00am - 12:30pm EST

Trusted by kids and parents worldwide

Everything you need to get an edge and prepare for the future while having FUN.



Manan's Goal Setting experience

Manan's Goal Setting experience

How mentors helped Zidaan pursue his dream

How mentors helped Zidaan pursue his dream

Zachary O., Student

“The business challenge taught my partner and I how to create a product people would pay for and how to market it effectively. We made over $300 and were able to raise money from the pitch competition for more ads."

Zachary O., Student

Eleonora S., Student

"We launched a business selling affirmation jars because we felt a lot of people struggled with mental health and sometimes need positive boosts. We struggled a lot and learned a lot about what it takes to be successful."

Eleonora S., Student

Mireya H., Student

"Our company focused on lifestyle templates & fidget toys, curated to modern day trends. Through this challenge we created a website and a brand and tried to sell through our family and friends. It was challenging but we still made 16 sales!"

Mireya H., Student

Sakina D., Student

"I started “Sakina’s Sugar Shop” which focuses on supporting Syrian orphans with full living support and quality education by selling various snack products. Through selling I learned the importance of having a network and having a good story with my product."

Sakina D., Student

Leah K., Student

"Through the Apollo Business Challenge, I started Glassy Gloss which is All Natural Handmade Lip Gloss. I did most of my sales through word of mouth and was able to grow my inventory as I made more profit. I plan to continue growing the business even after the program."

Leah K., Student

Arjin S., Student

"Our group came up with a business around custom made keychains (name or any design). At first it was challenging to figure out the product and shipping but we found solutions that worked that still allowed us to make profit."

Arjin S., Student

Enrollment details

Future-ready curriculum beyond traditional education
Hands-on, project-based learning
Global community of peers and mentors
Develop foundational skills and mindsets to tackle any challenge in the future
Active Slack community for personalized coaching and questions
Apollo Program Tuition

or $900 for 4 months ($300 savings)

Try Apollo Risk-Free
30-day money-back guarantee

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No theory. No boring lectures. Just fun and real results

Each game level is a new adventure, a new challenge. Watch your kid transform as they:

Sharpen communication skills: master the art of getting their point across and understanding others, crucial for any team strategy.

Smart Decision-Making: Balance different options to make choices that impact the game and their team’s success.

Master Strategic Thinking: Plan and execute winning strategies, thinking two steps ahead in every game.

Set and Achieve Goals: Turn ambitions into real results, setting objectives and knocking them down one by one.

Resolve Conflicts Effectively: Handle disagreements like a pro, finding solutions that keep everyone moving forward.

You’re protected with our money-back guarantee
We understand that investing in Apollo can feel a little scary. This is why your investment is protected by our Money-Back Guarantee. If by the end of the first month of Apollo you’re not completely satisfied with the experience, get a 100% refund. To keep this completely fair, we do require students show up and do the work. To be eligible for the refund, students must:

Complete all required work by each weekly deadline

Attend more than 90% of sessions

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*30-day money back guarantee.

Common questions by parents

If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us at info@apolloschool.io

What happens in a session?

In each 120-minute session, students will explore a topic by experiencing it through an activity, challenge, or interactive simulation. For example, students will learn how to transform their validated business ideas into tangible, testable prototypes, focusing on core functionalities that meet customer needs. They'll grasp the importance of iterative development, feedback loops, and how to prioritize features for their initial offering.

What will my child learn from Apollo?

At Apollo, kids 10-13 will ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and sharpen their critical thinking and communication skills. They'll launch a business, learning to think strategically, decide, and lead with confidence. It's an engaging, action-packed program, shaping young entrepreneurs for a dynamic world.

How much does the program cost?

During the summer, we offer two programs: a 2-week and a 4-week option, each priced at $990 USD. Opt for upfront payment and enjoy a reduced price of $900.

What is the financial aid policy for Apollo?

Our goal is to support ambitious students regardless of their financial situation. Students may apply for financial aid after completing their application. The Financial Aid process involves a form to capture demographic data and a field to share the circumstances to receive the financial aid. Our team typically responds within 3-5 business days for a financial aid amount on the monthly subscription. If any further questions you can reach out to admissions@apolloschool.io